Fleet insurance FAQs

Questions and answers that relate to Fleet insurance, including what it is designed to cover, levels of cover that are available, where insurance applies to and information about No Claim Discounts. This information is provided as a guide only, and if you have any doubts or questions, you can give our expert team a ring on 0800 0280 380.

What is fleet insurance?

Whether you’re a builder, plumber or electrician looking for business fleet insurance and have several vehicles in your business, you can have them covered under a single commercial fleet insurance policy that has a single renewal date.

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Is fleet insurance required by law?

All fleets are legally required to have a minimum of Third-Party insurance cover.

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How many vehicles count as a fleet?

The minimum can be as low as a couple of vehicles and the maximum could go up to 15 vehicles for a small business fleet.

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What is Legal Expenses insurance?

We work in partnership with our motor legal expenses insurer to provide you with comprehensive legal expenses insurance and manage your fleet insurance claims.

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How do I arrange a courtesy vehicle?

If any of your fleet vehicles are off the road after an accident that wasn’t your fault, you will be provided with replacements while yours are repaired.

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Do you insure tools used by fleets?

Yes. Tools insurance is an optional policy you can purchase in addition to your fleet insurance.

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Can I insure my own van with you, even if it’s not part of a fleet?

Yes, we can provide motor insurance for your own vehicle.

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What types of commercial vehicles are covered by your fleet insurance policy?

We can provide cover for cars and larger commercial vehicles up to 44 tonnes, including trucks and special types.

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Do you offer No Claims Discounts on fleet insurance policies?

Yes, this is one of the factors used to calculate fleet insurance premiums.

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Do you insure fleets registered in Northern Ireland?

No, we do not insure fleets driven in Northern Ireland.

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Do you insure fleets registered in the Channel Islands?

Yes, we insure fleets registered and driven in the Channel Islands.

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How can I pay for my policy?

We currently offer two ways of paying for your fleet policy.

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How do I get my insurance documents?

When you buy a fleet insurance policy via our website, your documents will be posted to you the next working day.

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Can I manage my policy online after purchasing it via your specialist team?

No. You will need to contact our team to make changes to your policy.

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How do I notify you of a claim?

We know how stressful making a claim can be, so we have a comprehensive list of all claims contact numbers on our Making a Claim page.

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Any more questions?

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Full details of our Terms & Conditions, Limits, Excesses and Policy Exclusions can be found in our Policy Wordings. These guides refer to our Tradesmans’ Insurance policy. Trade Direct do not offer advice relating to insurance, and you need to ensure that insurance you choose meets your demands and needs.