What are construction performance bonds?

Performance bonds, sometimes referred to as Contract or Surety Bonds, are commonly used in the Construction industry to insure a client against a contractor being unable to meet their contractual obligations. This means that if a contract is not completed satisfactorily, the client is guaranteed to receive an agreed amount of money back.

Kerry London Performance bonds

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With proven experience in this field Kerry London, a sister company to Trade Direct within the Kelliher Insurance Group, will find the best surety to guarantee your contractual obligations, letting you get on with the job while your working capital stays in the bank. Kerry London has been arranging bonds for our clients since 2008.

Kerry London has both Broking and Underwriting expertise, which means the team will negotiate Bond wordings that suit your individual project needs. Kerry London has excellent relationships with all UK surety underwriters.

Visit the Kerry London site to learn more and find out how to get in touch.

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