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What is jury service cover?

Getting selected for jury service is an important event but it can be inconvenient to you and your business. If you are called in to attend court as a juror, your business can lose money for as long as you are off the job. This could be just the same if one of your employees gets the call. Our jury service cover provides compensation for the whole time you or an insured employee are away from work.

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What's covered?

It's nobody's fault if they're called upon to attend court as a juror and because it's required by law, they have to go. Nobody knows when they might get the call and it could be in the middle of an important job. Don't worry, we offer compensation for any insured person who has to attend court as a juror:

  • £250 per day for the first 10 days
  • £100 per day thereafter
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How do I get this cover?

  • Jury Service cover is an optional extension to our Tradesman insurance policy
  • If you already have a policy with us and want to add Jury Service cover, give us a call on 0800 0280 380
  • If you are buying a new policy with us you can add Jury Service cover to your quote


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