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Insurance by trade

Builders Reviewing Plans Building Site

Builders insurance

Accidents can happen. Public liability insurance for builders protects your business from more than just financial costs.

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Plumber Under Sink Repairing Pipes

Plumbers insurance

Our public liability insurance (with limits up to £5 million) could protect plumbers from costly claims.  

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Electrician Replacing Lightbulb

Electricians insurance

Electricians are all too aware of the risks electricity poses. That’s why it’s so important to have public liability insurance in place. 

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Heating Engineer Checking Boiler With Tablet

Heating engineers insurance

Our public liability insurance has limits up to £5 million and is there to protect heating and gas engineers from costly claims.

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Bricklayer On Site Building Wall

Bricklayers insurance

We know how risky bricklaying can be. Bricklayers insurance is there to help if someone makes a claim against you.

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Carpenter Reclaiming Pallets

Carpenters insurance

Working with wood and using heavy tools is your business. Protect customers and yourself with carpenters insurance.

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Painter Decorator Team At Work

Painters and decorators insurance

Painters and decorators insurance is there to protect you from accidents while you’re transforming the homes of your customers.

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Glazier On Scaffolding Installing Window

Glazing contractors insurance

Working with glass is a delicate business. Protect yourself from costly claims with glazing contractors insurance.

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Roofer Fitting End Ridge Tile

Roofers and scaffolders insurance

Roofers and scaffolders working at height carries certain risks – a policy protecting you and your clients is vital.

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Air con engineer on stepladder checking industrial unit

Air conditioning insurance

Air conditioning engineers often work in cramped environments. There are many risks that could damage your business.

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Workmen Taking A Breather Scaffolding

Construction insurance

The construction industry is a risky environment. Protect yourself and your business with construction insurance.

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Carpenters Taking A Coffee Break

Multiple trades insurance

Tradesmen – small business public liability insurance quotes for up to 15 tradesmen, get a quote online now.

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Plumber Using Wrench Under Sink

Bathroom installers insurance

You and your company could be liable for damage you may cause. Bathroom installers insurance is there to help.

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Workman Measuring Conservatory Frame

Conservatory contractors insurance

Our conservatory contractors insurance is flexible enough to meet the differing needs of your business.

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Dryliner On Step Ladder Fixing Ceiling

Drylining contractors insurance

It only takes one slip up and a dry lining contractor could face a costly claim, so it’s important your insurance fits your needs.

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Fencing Contractor Drilling Fence

Fencing contractors insurance

We have a detailed understanding of fencing contractor work, meaning we can offer the right insurance for you.

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Flooring Contractors Laying Laminate

Flooring contractors insurance

Flooring contractors face unique risks, which could be expensive and impact your business. Insurance offers peace of mind. 

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Kitchen Installers Building Kitchen Units

Kitchen installation insurance

Kitchen installers work closely with customers. Our insurance helps protect you against claims. 

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Landscaper Laying Turf

Landscaping and drainage insurance

We're aware of the risks landscapers face. Getting the right insurance helps if you’re faced with a claim.

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Workman On Stepladder Installing Ceiling

Loft conversion contractors insurance

Our loft conversion insurance is there to help protect you, so you can get on with your job.

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Laying Stone Path

Paving contractors insurance

Our public liability insurance (with limits up to £5 million) could protect paving contractors from costly claims.  

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Tradeswoman Plastering Wall

Plasterers insurance

Plasterers use their keen eye to give customers the best finish, while protecting themselves from claims. Get a quote online. 

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Tiler Applying Grout

Tiling insurance

You and your company could be liable for an accident you might cause. Tiling insurance is there to help.

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Shopfitter Prepping Wall With Power Drill

Shop fitter insurance

We designed our shop fitters insurance to meet your needs. Our insurance is flexible because we know all trades are different.

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Garden Maintenance Weed Membrane Water Control

Gardening insurance

A gardener's job can be as unpredictable as the weather. Enjoy peace of mind with our Gardening insurance.

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Oven Cleaning

Cleaning insurance

Accidents with cleaning materials can happen and it's important that you and your business are protected

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Handyma Drill And Tool Belt

Handyman Insurance

There’s no end to the jobs a handyman can do. And we all know how unpredictable that can be.

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Locksmith Lock Replacement

Locksmith insurance

As well as providing security to your clients, as a locksmith you need to protect yourself and your business.

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Handyman Building Cupboard Units

Property maintenance insurance

Property maintenance requires a variety of jobs and you need insurance that can cover them all. We can help.

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Commercial Window Cleaner In Action

Window cleaner insurance

As a window cleaner you're up and down ladders all day. We can cover you against a range of possible mishaps.

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Car Door Waxing

Car Valeting Insurance

Our car valeting insurance will give you the peace of mind to get on with your job, without putting a dent in your day.


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Female Carpet Cleaner Using Steam Cleaner In Office

Carpet Cleaning Insurance

It might not be one of the most dangerous trades out there, but carpet cleaning can still result in accidents and damage.


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Happy Excavator Operator

Excavator Insurance

As an excavator, you know that groundwork can be a hazardous job. Get your quote today to hit the ground running.

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