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Tradesmen – A Life In The Trade

Tradesmen – A Life In The Trade

15th June 2020

What were UK tradespeople’s dream jobs growing up? Where do they like going on holiday? More importantly, what on earth would they choose as their superpower? We had a sneaking suspicion our customers lived their lives to the full, so we were excited to learn about their hopes and dreams at every stage of life– especially the embarrassing parts. Have a look at the infographic to see what we found out.

When you were a child, your job could be as ridiculous or glamourous as your imagination allowed. Our tradespeople are no exception! Sports star was a firm favourite with nearly 20% dreaming of athletic stardom. Nearly 3% were bound for the open sea as pirates, while over 13% gave the saddest answer that they didn’t dream as children. Hopefully they corrected that later in life!

As well as dream jobs our soon-to-be tradespeople had superpowers on the brain. The power of flight won out, with over a third of our customers taking to the skies. 23% chose super strength but only 1% wanted to walk through walls – but to be fair a wall you can walk through could be a sign of shoddy workmanship!

As grown-ups, our customers still know how to keep the magic alive. 39% proposed on bended knee, and 9% popped the question in bed! One customer plucked heart strings with a proposal song, and another announced it in a big way at a sporting event. We don’t know details, but we hope it worked out.

So how did the work lives of our customers turn out? Over half of our customers have a 4-5 day working week, but 34% work at least 6 days. 43 customers luckily work only 1-3 days per week – no, we’re not jealous at all! When it comes to commuting, 58% have it made with 30 minutes travel or less. It gets tougher for 15% of our customers who have at least an hour’s commute and a whopping two hours or more for 2% of our customers. Nothing can keep these folks from getting to work!

It’s not all about work: While nearly 14% said they never get away on holiday (you absolute troopers), 40% do manage one getaway each year. We’re really curious about the 8% that holiday four or more times a year – are you ever out of your speedos? Speaking of speedos, beach holidays are popular with over 30% of our customers while over a quarter love a resort getaway. 35 customers will hit the slopes but 15% would rather visit a city and soak up some culture.

With life lived to the full, how would our customers want it all to end? A rubber-burning car chase is the ending of choice for over 25%. Duelling swords was the best exit for 16 customers whilst 67 would much prefer a lightsabre duel! 12% would go out in a gunfight, but if pistols at dawn is too early why not choose getting eaten by a shark like 5 of our customers?

The verdict is in: UK tradespeople have lived life to the max. They work hard and play hard, and when it comes to the crunch they know just how to meet their maker.

In December 2015, Trade Direct Insurance surveyed all of our customers from across the United Kingdom. We invited customers, for whom we held a valid email address, to complete an online survey. We received a total of 619 completed survey responses.