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SelfBuild FAQs

Questions and answers relating to our SelfBuild insurance, including what it covers, levels of cover available, where insurance applies. This information is provided as a guide only, and if you’ve got any doubts or questions, give our expert team a ring on 0800 230 0225.

At SelfBuild Insurance, we understand the needs of those building their own homes, and we have the experience and knowledge to back it up. For more than twenty years we’ve been providing self-build insurance policies, and in that time we’ve constantly honed and improved our offerings.

We know you don’t want to waste time sorting out your insurance, so we’ve made it quick and painless. Get a quote right away by entering a few details, and buy within minutes.

We offer two main insurance products – SelfBuild Liability Insurance (to cover your self-build site before work starts) and SelfBuild Insurance (if you’re planning on living in the house once it’s built). Each of our products has been designed with your cover needs in mind.

  • What is self-build insurance?

    Self-build insurance is the name for a collection of insurance covers required by people building their own home.

    Read more about self-build insurance

  • Who is SelfBuild insurance designed to cover?

    Our SelfBuild insurance is designed for self-builders, who are building their own home ‘from the ground up’, and plan on living in the property once it is complete.

    Read more about who SelfBuild covers

  • Do you need site insurance for a self-build?

    Self-builds are an amazing opportunity to create something completely unique, but they usually present a few challenges along the way. One of the most important things you need to consider is what sort of insurance you need.

    Read more about if you need site insurance for a self-build

  • I don’t know when building will start. Can I still buy SelfBuild insurance?

    If you have a self-build plot but work hasn’t started, Site Liability insurance is designed to cover your site before work has started, and can be converted into a SelfBuild policy before the build phase begins.

    Read more about when you can buy a SelfBuild policy

  • I’ve started my build. Can I get self-build insurance from you?

    If you’ve already started the build phase, we’ll need to discuss your project with you before we can organise any cover.

    Read more about getting cover after your build has started

  • Can I extend my policy?

    In many situations, we should be able to extend your policy.

    Read more about extending your SelfBuild policy

  • What does SelfBuild insurance cover?

    SelfBuild insurance policies are designed to cover from the point the build phase starts all the way through to completing the build.

    Read more about what SelfBuild covers

  • How many sites can I insure?

    You can insure one site per policy.

    Read more about how many sites you can insure

  • How long does a SelfBuild insurance policy last?

    It depends. A SelfBuild policy is designed to last from the start of construction through to completion.

    Read more about how long a SelfBuild policy lasts

  • When might self-build insurance be needed?

    It’s a simple question that doesn’t have a simple answer unfortunately. We look at cases for what insurance you might need on a case by case basis.

    Read more about the need for self-build insurance

  • Am I required to have self-build insurance?

    With a self-build project, the only insurance you legally need to have is employers’ liability insurance, which is required if you directly employ people.

    Read more about the requirement to have self-build insurance

  • What’s the difference between ‘land’ and a ‘self-build plot’?

    The difference is based on whether or not it can be demonstrated there‘s a clear intent to use the land for self-build purposes.

    Read more about the difference between these terms

  • Who underwrites SelfBuild policies?

    Our SelfBuild insurance policies are provided and underwritten by Zurich Ltd.

    Read more about SelfBuild underwriting

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