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Can you get public liability insurance for one day?

Do I need public liability insurance?

If your business comes into contact with the public, you should get public liability insurance. It will protect against any claims brought against you as a result of damage or injury caused to a member of the public through your work.

Even a small accident can result in a substantial claim for damages and compensation. Without insurance, you or your business will have to pay this, along with any associated legal fees.

In this video, part of our Public Liability FAQ series, we answer the question ‘Can you get public liability insurance for one day?’.

How much contact with the public is needed for public liability cover?

It doesn’t matter whether you have contact with the public every day or only on occasion. Even with the best planning and risk assessment, accidents can happen. It only takes one incident for you to be facing a significant claim for damages.

Is it possible to get cover for one day?

In appropriate circumstances, it is possible to get temporary public liability insurance cover. However, this type of insurance is primarily designed to cover specific one-off events.

If contact with the public is more regular, or you plan to host multiple events, you should opt for a longer policy term. It will probably be more cost effective to do so.

Can I get temporary insurance cover for a small job or one day’s work?

Temporary cover is not designed to cover a situation where you think you may come in to contact with a member of the public for a single day only. It is also not available in situations where you only work certain days and only want it for those days.

In both these situations, you will still need annual cover. However, the number of days you work (and your reduced income as a result) may mean your premium is lower.

Do I need temporary or permanent cover?

Most small businesses and tradespeople, such as plumbersbuilderscarpenterselectricians, and decorators, will need permanent cover. Getting the wrong type of insurance may invalidate your policy or be more expensive, so be sure to seek professional advice.

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