Can I get public liability insurance?

Who is public liability insurance for?

If you come into contact with the public while running your own business – as a limited company or a sole trader – you are eligible for public liability insurance.

Can I get public liability insurance

Do employees need public liability insurance?

If you are an employee, you do not normally need public liability insurance. You should either be covered by your employer’s policy or their employers’ liability insurance, depending on the circumstances.

Your employer is legally required to have employer’s insurance, but not public liability insurance.

If you are an agency worker, you should check the insurance situation.

I am a small business owner. Can I still get public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is not determined by the size or type of business (although these factors may be considered when calculating your insurance premium).

The need for public liability insurance is mainly determined by whether you come into contact with the public during the course of your work.

But I do not have much contact with the public… 

It does not matter whether you occasionally interact with the public. If you have any contact at all, the potential for accident or injury will always be present.

My work is not dangerous. Should I still get public liability insurance?

Even if you think your work is not dangerous, accidents may still happen.

A customer could slip or trip in your shop, or on your premises. You could drop a tool and cause damage or injury, or collide with someone. You may make a mistake or accidently leave equipment behind that causes damage.

It is worth being prepared for any eventuality that could end up costing you a lot of money.

Is public liability insurance worth it? 

Even small incidents can result in claims for thousands of pounds. For example, you could accidently cause damage to someone’s laptop, which destroys valuable information and software. Someone might trip and break their leg, forcing them to take months off work. This could result in a claim for lost wages, the costs of getting to and from hospital, etc.

More serious claims could amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds. You may also have to cover legal fees.