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Tradesman in Trouble!

Tradesman in Trouble! is a short, fun little game in which Liability Larry, our hero, is made to run the gauntlet by braving some of the risks in the construction industry.

With your help, Larry must run, climb, and jump his way to safety. Avoid the hazards that will add to his insurance costs, and collect Trade Direct logos, which will bring down the price of his cover.

The aim of the game is to get the lowest score you can!

Game overview

Meet our pint-sized pixel pal, Liability Larry, who suddenly and unexpectedly find things starting to go wrong…

Poor Larry’s in a bit of a pickle. Despite his best efforts, it just seems like the world is against him. Even while fully decked out in safety gear, today’s the day he’s learning that there are some things he simply can’t control.

Fortunately, our man’s arrived with a plan. Thanks to his Public Liability Insurance policy, Larry knows he’s covered – provided he can avoid the hazards he encounters. Can you help him?

How to play

Tradesman in Trouble! is a four-stage game where players must keep Larry alive, by avoiding hazards, and collect Trade Direct logos to bring down your score - lowest score wins!. No amount of planning could have prepared Larry for the environments and hazards he must overcome. With four stages of treacherous terrain ahead, it’s up to you to lend Larry a hand through a risk-laden land.

Stage 1: The High Street

It seemed like a normal day down at the shops until Larry stepped out of his van. Poor bloke. Steer him past rogue road cones and dastardly dripping paint cans towards the goal.

Stage 2: The Utility Room

As all experienced plumbers know, lurking within every commercial building are backrooms crammed with terrible pipework. Help Larry reach the final ladder, before rising water levels claim our calamitous hero.

Stage 3: The Property Scaffolding

It’s raining bricks on site, and as if that wasn’t enough, the floor under Larry’s feet is unsafe, thanks to the shoddy work of a few bad apples. The sooner you’re out of here, the better!

Stage 4: The Construction Site

Has Larry met his Waterloo? With huge diggers and wrecking balls to push past, our plucky protagonist has his work cut out for him. Summon your courage and make it back to the van. Just — don’t look up – or is that down? Either way, watch your step!

Risks & rewards

Liability Larry is on a mission to keep his insurance costs as low as possible. Minimising the risk Larry is exposed to will help with this and make Larry a happy builder.

Safely passing obstacles in Larry’s way guarantees a lower score. However, if Larry is unfortunate enough to touch a hazard and lose a life, his score will increase.

Look out for the mysterious floating tokens, bearing a remarkable resemblance to the Trade Direct Insurance logo, collecting five of these powerful artifacts will trigger a ‘no claims bonus’, granting Larry an extra life.


To ensure the best gaming experience possible, Tradesman in Trouble! can only be played on desktop devices.


Guiding Larry through his trials is straightforward.

  • Left arrow key / Right arrow key: Move Larry left / right
  • Spacebar: Jump; (while moving) running jump
  • Up arrow key: climb up ladder
  • Down arrow key: climb down ladder

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