Does a public liability insurance certificate have to be displayed?

Why do I need public liability insurance?

It protects you if an accident happens during the course of your work, which injures a member of the public or causes damage to their property. The damage or injury could occur either on your premises or in a public place.

Does a Public Liability Insurance certificate have to be displayed

You are not obliged by law to have public liability insurance. However, some large businesses will insist you have it before entering into a contract with you.

Must I legally display my public liability insurance certificate?

As public liability insurance is not required by law, you are not obliged to display your certificate on your business premises or elsewhere.

That said, there are circumstances in which it may be beneficial to do so. You should always make sure you have a copy of the certificate conveniently located. Some contractors may want to see proof that you are insured before they enter into a contract with you.  

Does that mean I don’t have to display my employer’s liability insurance certificate?

You are legally required to display your employer’s liability insurance certificate. You can do this electronically, but it needs to be clearly listed in employee policies, and accessible to your employees.

Why would I want to display my insurance certificate?

By displaying your public liability insurance certificate, you create a positive impression of your business. It shows that you take public health and safety seriously, and can be trusted with responsibility.

In addition to putting customers at ease, it will also create the right impression for anyone potentially seeking to enter into a contract with you. They will know immediately that you are suitably insured and therefore do not pose a risk to their operations.

How or where do I display my public liability insurance certificate?

There are no hard and fast rules about how to display your certificate. However, you could use a printed copy from your insurers and perhaps pin it to a notice board or frame it and display it on your premises.

You may also wish to display a copy on your website, along with other marketing materials and important documents, like other insurance certificates, accreditations, and trade association memberships.

What is best practice?

This will vary from business to business. If you’re not sure what is standard for your trade, you could ask your trade association. Alternatively, take a look at your competitors’ websites to see what they do.