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After Covid-19 – are you prepared?

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After Covid-19 – are you prepared?

9th June 2020

Returning to work after Covid-19 might feel like a long way off, however now could be an ideal time to prepare for re-opening your business after the lockdown.  Have you thought about how you will restart your business operations once the country starts to return to work?  Will your suppliers be re-opening in time for you to get all the materials you need?

Communicating with Customers

Many of the tradespeople we know work with an order book a month or two ahead.  As we come out of lockdown, it’s important that you have kept in contact with your clients.  Make sure you understand their situation and importantly, make sure you’re able to let them know when you’ll be able to get back to work.

Book Keeping and Basics

No one enjoys paperwork, but now could be the perfect time to get all those annoying jobs out of the way, so that you can focus on customers when the lockdown ends. You’ll be able to maximise your time on income generating work without the worry of a backlog of invoices. 

Prioritising jobs

There will always be emergency call out work to deal with, but have you thought about how you will prioritise your schedule of work once the lockdown ends? Customers might have vulnerable people in their household meaning they might want to delay you coming on site a little longer. Their financial situation could have changed so keeping in touch means you can create a clear schedule of work.

Building for the future

It might seem strange to be thinking about how you are going to grow your business, but there could be some activity you could do now that will help you win more business once business after lockdown resumes.  It could be an ideal time to request references from completed projects or updating your website with latest projects and updated information.