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Optional extensions FAQs

Questions and answers that relate to the Optional Extensions that are available as part of our Tradesman's Liability product, what they’re designed to cover and when they can be added.  This information is provided as a guide only, and if you have any doubts or questions, you can give our friendly team a ring on 0800 0280 380.

  • What does Jury Service cover?

    Jury Service is something that many people find interesting and rewarding, but if you’re self-employed the financial implications of attending court can mount up in lost earnings.

    Read more about Jury Service cover

  • What does Personal Accident cover?

    We have two Personal Accident covers available – Personal Accident (Weekly benefit), and Personal Accident (Death & Capital benefits).

    Read more about Personal Accident cover

  • What does Personal Tools cover provide?

    When selected, our Personal Tools cover provides 24 hour cover for loss of, or damage to, powered and non-powered hand held tools of all types belonging to, leased to, on hire purchase, loan or hired to you or your Employees.

    Read more about Personal Tools cover

  • How much Personal Tools cover can I have?

    Your personal tools are likely to be a critical part of your work as a tradesperson, and therefore knowing that they are adequately protected is likely to be a key consideration.

    Read more about Personal Tools cover levels

  • What does Contract Works cover?

    The “Contract Works” extension provides cover for loss of or damage to the contract works for which you are responsible occurring at the contract location itself, or in transit to and from.

    Read more about Contract Works cover

  • What does Hired In Plant cover?

    This cover option can provide cover for loss of or damage to hired-in contractor’s plant of all types including scaffolding, temporary buildings and site office contents, anywhere within the EU.

    Read more about Hired In Plant cover

  • What does Owned Plant cover?

    The Owned Plant extension provides cover for loss of or damage to contractor’s plant of all types including scaffolding, temporary buildings, site office contents and site welfare facilities.

    Read more about Owned Plant cover

  • What does Stock In Transit cover?

    In addition to any Personal Tools cover you may have, you may wish to extend your policy to include stock and spare items.

    Read more about Stock In Transit cover

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If you have a question that’s not answered here, please ring us on 0800 0280 380.

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Full details of our Terms & Conditions, Limits, Excesses and Policy Exclusions can be found in our policy wordings. These guides refer to our Tradesman's Insurance policy. Trade Direct does not offer advice relating to insurance, and you need to ensure that insurance you choose meets your demands and needs.

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