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Do you need insurance to be Gas Safe?

If you work as a gas engineer, you will need to show that you are both credible and compliant. A key aspect of this will be ensuring that you are on the Gas Safe Register.

The Gas Safe Register

By law, if you are a gas engineer, you must be listed on the Gas Safe Register.

Before signing up, you or your business must hold a valid and current qualification. You must also demonstrate that you are competent and have the appropriate level of knowledge, understanding and skills to undertake gas work safely.

What does the Gas Safe Registration Policy say about insurance?

While insurance is not a requirement, it is advised that:

“all registered businesses hold appropriate levels of insurance for all activities undertaken by the registered business, to protect their customers and themselves.”

What does the view of the Gas Safe Register mean?

It means having the right insurance cover is not necessary to be registered as Gas Safe. However, they do take the view that having the right insurance cover is important.

For a gas engineer, holding the ‘appropriate levels of insurance’ will typically mean considering and obtaining the following cover:

·       employers’ liability insurance

·       public and product liability insurance

·       professional indemnity insurance

·       cover for your tools, van and hired equipment against loss, damage, and theft

·       protection against damage to works and site materials

Bear in mind that if you employ someone (even as a trainee) you are legally obliged to have employers’ liability insurance.

Insurance is also important for your credibility as a business, whether that is to provide peace of mind to clients, or because larger clients or your trade association require you to have it.

If you are sued for causing injury or damage, Gas Safe Registration cannot help. It is your insurance that will pay the legal fees and any order for damages or compensation.

If you do not have insurance and you cannot pay, your business may be at risk.

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