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Do bricklayers need public liability insurance?

One of the things you should think about if you’re working as a bricklayer is whether you need insurance and, if so, what type and level of cover. This FAQ examines whether bricklayers need a particular form of insurance known as public liability. 

What is public liability insurance? 

Public liability insurance is designed to protect you and your business in the event something you do causes damage to property or harms someone.  

The types of incidents covered include damage to a member of the public’s possessions, such as a loose brick hitting a passing car; or physical injury, like a passer-by tripping on loose rubble and twisting their ankle (or worse).  

Claims for incidents like these are relatively common and can easily amount to many thousands of pounds.  

For example, if a passer-by were to fracture a bone after falling over bricks you left on a public footpath, they could potentially be out of work for weeks, and may need surgery or other medical treatment.  

If you don’t have insurance, you could end up having to pay out of your own funds when they make a claim for:  

  • their lost earnings  
  • the pain and suffering caused by the injury  
  • incidentals like the cost of medical treatment  
  • legal fees 

If you cannot pay the costs of a claim, your business and your assets could be at risk.  

Is it a legal requirement for bricklayers to have public liability insurance? 

It’s not a legal requirement for bricklayers to have public liability insurance, but may often be a contractual requirement, especially if you work for large companies or public sector organisations.  

You may also find that you must have public liability insurance to be a member of certain trade associations. 

Does it matter how my business is set up?  

It doesn’t matter whether you operate as a self-employed sole trader, a limited company or a partnership – it is always important to consider if you need public liability insurance to cover the costs of any claim.  

How much cover do I need?  

This will depend on several factors, which include the types of jobs you take on. It is typical to have public liability cover of between £2 million and £10 million. 

How much does public liability insurance cost? 

Again, this will depend on multiple considerations, including:  

  • the size of your business  
  • the type and level of cover you opt for  
  • how your business is set up (i.e. sole trader, company or partnership) 
  • how many people (if any) you employ  
  • the sort of work you do  
  • where you work  
  • your claims history. 

Is this the only insurance I need as a bricklayer? 

If you employ anyone, you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance – even if your employees are part-time, trainees or just friends helping for free.  

You should also make sure you consider if you need tools insurance to cover the loss, damage, or theft of your tools. You may also need professional indemnity insurance if you provide professional advice as part of your job.  

If you’re not sure what other insurance you need, you should contact a reputable insurance company with experience of your trade and the construction industry. 

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