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What insurance do I need as tradesman?

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What insurance do I need as tradesman?

27th January 2022

It is important for tradespeople to be aware of what insurances are available to them. If you are employed by someone else, it’s not likely that you will need to arrange your own tradesman insurance, but do check with your employer to see if they have the right cover in place.

If you are self-employed, it’s important to realise the types of insurances available to you. The most common ones for tradespeople to consider are Public Liability insurance, Professional Indemnity insurance, Tools insurance and Van insurance.

But you may also wish to think about the following insurance:

  • Employers’ Liability insurance
  • Motor Fleet insurance
  • Personal Accident and Sickness cover
  • Commercial Premises insurance
  • Legal Expenses insurance
  • Construction insurance
  • Small Business insurance
  • Performance Bonds

Types of tradesman insurance

We know, it can be confusing. But it works in your favour. Because you can pick and choose which elements of cover you actually need. That way you’re protected for the type of work you do, and not overpaying for things you don’t need.

Here’s a little more about those main types of insurance:

Builders, plumbers, electricians, handymen, locksmiths and cleaners – your chosen profession means you are working around members of the public. You’re also operating specialist equipment, in people’s homes, and driving from job to job. The nature of your job, and the environment in which you’re working means there’s a greater risk of accidents happening than in some other working environments.   

But when you’re insured for those mishaps, the risk of financial loss or damage to your business is greatly reduced. A quick quote online, or one quick call to your insurance provider and you could be covered in no time - from injury caused by trips over a toolbox to expensive legal and compensation claims.

Cost of tradesman insurance 

As your insurance cover can vary greatly, so too can the cost. When you’re dealing with an insurance provider who have experience of tradespeople – they know the right questions to ask. You don’t need to pay any more than you need to. You may be asked for your location, the size of your business and team and what type of equipment you use. From this, a quote can be easily produced, and you can be covered swiftly. 

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If you would like to speak to somebody in more detail about your tradesman insurance call 0800 0280 380.