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Keep your tools safe with some simple steps

Van Full Of Tools

Keep your tools safe with some simple steps

15th June 2020

We’re all aware there’s been a steep increase in tool theft recently (and if you didn’t know, there has been a 30% increase in recent years1). It’s estimated a van is broken into every 23 minutes1. We at Trade Direct Insurance know just how important tools are to your livelihoods, so we’ve brought together some tips to help keep your gear safe.

Low key prevention

  • Upgrade your lock game – You’ve spent thousands on a van, thousands more on your tools, don’t scrimp a couple of hundred to beef up your vans locks. Most thieves are opportunistic, so if a thief sees you’ve taken this simple precaution, it could be the difference.
  • Wheel locks – visibly making your van more secure will make a thief think twice. Installing a prominent wheel lock could make a thief pause and wonder what other measures you’ve taken to protect your tools.
  • Park cleverly – it might seem obvious, but parking somewhere with good lighting and up close to a wall without easy access to van doors may stop a thief in their tracks.
  • Tool vault/ strong box – investing in a strongbox for your van gives you another level of security that a thief needs to overcome.
  • Take tools out overnight – obviously the cheapest (but a bit of a faff), just take tools inside with you at the end of the day.

Hi-tech solutions

Our friends at SelectaDNA offer a great way to protect your tools. Forensically marking your tools means if your tools are stolen, police can simply check a stolen tool for your unique DNA marker to return your item and get the thief.

GPS tool trackers offer a great way for you to zero in on your tools if they do get stolen. These trackers offer a great opportunity to recover your stolen goods. No more dodgy looking adverts of 20 drills on social media.

We’ve also partnered with UWatch, who help you catch thieves when you’re away from your van. Essentially, it’s a motion detected camera. If someone does get in, you’ll get an alert on your phone and the thief will have a lovely video of them recorded, which you can give to the police.

Make sure you’re tools are insured

Our tools insurance is there if the worst happens. We’ll cover tools between £1,000-£15,000 (you choose). Especially handy with one of our policies, tools are covered 24 hours a day and they’re still covered in your van overnight.


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[1] How severe is van tool theft in the UK? – Professional heating and plumbing installer. https://phpionline.co.uk/feature-articles/online-exclusive-severe-van-tool-theft-uk/