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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Listening to our customers

Customer feedback is a key part of our business, ensuring that we continually improve our customer service. This page describes the ways we listen to our customers.

Our approach to feedback

Our mission statement, which is detailed on our About Us page, puts Customer Focus at the centre of our business philosophy. We recognise that customers have access to a wide range of insurance products and companies, and that both consumers and businesses have high expectations when it comes to dealing with companies.

Our customer feedback and monitoring has two key elements:


We have signed up with Feefo – a major customer review company - to send out short surveys on our behalf to everyone who buys a Public Liability policy with us, whether this is via our website or the telephone. We chose Feefo due to their strong and impartial ongoing commitment to trusted and entirely independent reviews.

Shortly after a Public Liability policy is purchased from us, Feefo send an email on our behalf, allowing the customer to submit a review rating and verbatim comment of the service that they received during the purchase of their policy. This feedback is automatically published on the Feefo website. We can respond to reviews, but we can’t alter them, delete them or hide them.

All feedback that we receive via Feefo, whether it’s good or bad, is available on the Feefo website, and we also display the latest feedback on our website. We can learn from negative reviews, and know that by publishing all feedback “warts and all” we can maintain a reputation for being a trusted company to do business with. You can read all our customers’ feedback on the Feefo website.

What Some of Our Customers Say About Us

Customer Survey

Since 2008 we have been commissioning Customer Satisfaction surveys that are conducted by independent review companies on our behalf. While we specify the survey, the data is independently collected and impartially analysed. These surveys look at all aspects of our business, from new business through to renewal and claim, examining all aspects of customer interactions with us.

Customer Satisfaction UK LogoThe April 2014 customer survey was compiled, conducted, reported and analysed by Customer Satisfaction UK

The report is not published in full, as it contains some commercially sensitive data, however Key Performance Indicators are agreed, and the results for these are published on our homepage, and below:

100% were satisfied that they could contact Trade Direct at a convenient time

100% were satisfied that they received the policy they had been led to expect

98% were satisfied in their overalldealings with Trade Direct

96% would recommend Trade Direct to others

94% would definitely use Trade Direct again

Data based on 500 interviews carried out in April 2014 across a range of new and existing customers, asking about their experience of using Trade Direct’s services and their perceptions of the company as a whole.