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Combined Tradesmans’ Liability FAQs

Questions and answers that relate to our core Tradesmans’ Liability insurance product, including what it is, levels of cover that are available, automatically applied covers and optionally available extensions.

Van InsuranceThis information is provided as a guide only, and if you have any doubts or questions, you can give our friendly team a ring on 08000 280 380.

Full details of our Terms & Conditions, Limits, Excesses and Policy Exclusions can be found in our Policy Wordings. These guides refer to our Tradesmans’ Insurance policy. Trade Direct do not offer advice relating to insurance, and you need to ensure that insurance you choose meets your demands and needs.

Q. What is Trade Direct’s Public Liability policy?

Q. What levels of cover do you offer?

Q. What is Trade Direct’s Public Liability policy?

A. Our Tradesmans’ Liability insurance policy, which we often refer to as “Public Liability insurance” is more than just a Public Liability policy. It has been developed exclusively for Trade Direct Insurance, and is designed to be a comprehensive and high quality combined liability policy, with a range of core and optional covers, and limits that can be selected to help meet individual circumstances.

Q. What levels of cover do you offer?

A. We offer three different levels of product, and these packages have been carefully designed to meet the varying needs of tradespeople and small businesses:


Essentials is a unique and comprehensive product, with Products and Public Liability insurance at its heart, and Employers’ Liability included as standard if you have employees. In addition to this core cover, you have the option to add a range of optional extensions, such as Jury Service, Contract Works, Hired-In Plant and Owned Plant.


Classic builds on Essentials, with Professional Indemnity cover included within the policy, as well the first £1,000 of Personal Tools cover (which you can increase), and other benefits designed to pay a lump sum should you die, or if you lose a limb while at work.


This is our most comprehensive product level, adding to the features and benefits included in our Essentials and Classic products. It includes Personal Accident cover, which is designed to pay a weekly sum to workers noted on the policy should they be unable to work due to an accident at work.

The personal accident weekly benefit shall be payable for not more than 104 weeks (excluding the first 14 days) in respect of any one injury.

Our core covers are:

*1: Included automatically in our Classic and Plus products

*2: Included automatically in Essentials, Classic and Plus products when employees are declared

Additional covers that are optionally available are:

*1: This optional extension is not available on our Essentials or Classic products

*2: This optional extension is not available on our Essentials product

In this guide, we explain each of the core covers, as well as providing an overview of the Optional Extensions.

If you'd like to get a Tradesman's Public Liability quote, please visit our Public Liability insurance page.