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The Love Lives Of Tradesmen

The Love Lives Of Tradesmen

15th June 2020

Valentine’s day - a centuries old tradition of love, and more recently about exchanging cards and flowers, candle-lit meals and possibly even some romance – but only if you’ve emptied the dishwasher! But, we asked ourselves, just how romantic are the nation’s tradespeople? We reckon they’re romantics with a naughty side, but read on and see what you think.

Young love, and teenage sweet-hearts. Most of us have been there, but cast your mind back, and ask yourself how did you meet your first partner? If you met through friends, you’d be just like the majority of our trades – with nearly 1/3 saying they were introduced by a mate. 16% were childhood sweethearts (how cute) and 11% said they met at work (on a building site, or maybe quoting for a job??) 17% met in a nightclub while cutting some shapes, with a lowly 3% set up on a blind date. We hope they had a lorra’ lorra’ laughs.

But, after the thrill of that first date, not everything goes to plan and hearts can be broken. 12% of our trades have never been dumped, which shows true love can last. Well, either that or there’s not much choice where they live! Over half of our trades were first dumped face to face, while 4 poor souls were dumped by text message. And if you think that’s harsh, one unlucky guy was dumped via a motorway banner!

So, after early love and romance, thoughts start to turn to marriage. Our tradesmen went all out to show their romantic side with 39% proposing to their girlfriend on bended knee, and 24% proposing over a candlelit dinner. 9% admitted to proposing in bed (well we did want to uncover their love lives!) There’s always someone who wants to outdo all their mates, and 1 person surveyed certainly went above and beyond, proposing via a plane banner. We do hope she said yes after all that effort. And if you’re still not convinced that tradespeople are true romantics, then how about this:

More than half of our trades said the romantic gesture they’d most like to receive would be a weekend away, though we purposefully kept out the word ‘naughty’! 15% said they’d like a meal out yet only 2% said they’d like a meal in; we wouldn’t like to comment on whether this means there are just a lot of decent restaurants out there, or because of some very poor home cooks! 10% would most like tickets to an event, whether to see their favourite band or stand-up comic, whilst 8% want to emulate Lewis Hamilton and drive a very fast car around a race track. Nothing says romance more than the smell of burning rubber!

So, there you have it. Trade Direct Insurance customers are in fact romantics at heart, even if 9% of them said they’d proposed in bed! It’s been an eye opener, but it’s only fair we did the right thing and brought perceptions bang up to date!

In December 2015, Trade Direct Insurance surveyed all of our customers from across the United Kingdom. We invited customers, for whom we held a valid email address, to complete an online survey. We received a total of 619 completed survey responses.